I Feel F’in Bad 4 You – So Just How Do You Want It And Where?

Get the F over yourself

You may not like the wall and how countries or societies segregate and divide others in status groups. But we’ve all done this shit since grade school and still do this in church.

We have many affirmations which fit a whole range of our freedom and self-righteous lifestyles.

I’ve worked too damn hard to just throw my money away to the government. I made my own money, so why the hell can’t I fudge the numbers on my taxes. Why should we vote anyways. They are all crooks and will just waste our hard earned tax dollars on boondoggle projects which don’t do me any favors. And the last but not least, Why should churches claim tax exempt status when they be taking all my tithes and offerings to buy a mansion or nice car and I’m living paycheck to paycheck. Yea Gods a huge fucking comedian alright.

We all tend to build our own walls, construct our own boundaries, and measure our self-worth to how we want our neighbors, friends, or family to perceive us. We want to live the perfect illusion while everyone applauds us on. Just go to any gated community or any mega church and you will see just how high they will gladly build a wall or set boundaries to keep you looking from the outside in.

We associate best with who we can best use, abuse, exploit, or just plain fuck ’till we’re flush and blue in the face. We get what we want or desire no matter how or when. Depending on the size of our dick in relation to the Benjamins on our money clip.

Who you hang with you will eventually become. What you spend your cash on becomes your all-consuming whore. You can choose your own addictions to escape your fucked-up life; sex, drugs, rock and roll, food, career. Yes work can also become an obsession that you eat, sleep, and get fucked by it.

But that is life as we know it so get the fuck over yourself and on top of (or under) someone else.

You must decide. “Just how F’in Bad do you need it.” Because chances are you might want to re-evaluate your life and stop trying to please your insignificant others.

Success happens but so does shit. The difference lies in your perspective on life. You have to find a way to make your passion work for you. Otherwise you will get fucked until the day you die. And not in a pleasurable way.

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