God made dirt so it don’t hurt to look beautiful as hell in it – As if you need a heavenly excuse to play dirty

“Sometimes you just need an excuse to let it all come off. You have been set free to lose control over yourself and under someone else. So don’t be afraid to get dirty or pissed on from those wicked angels entertaining to our most depraved fantasies. So intoxicatingly beautiful is that forbidden desire hidden within the mirage on that highway to Sin City at #desertdecadence.”

You can walk a mile or two, hand in hand with your lover or a total stranger. Because each of us will experience a totally different perspective on that journey. You may exchange spit or other bodily currency; a momentary lapse of reason beyond that kiss on blood red lips.

We were born to be wild and free.”

You must first frolic uncovered through the garden of life in a stranger’s sandals or embrace ecstasy an hour or more in between the sheets separating heaven and hell with your guardian angel you saw spreading her wings on your way home from work. Angels just wanna have as much fun as they can while off-duty from their shifts. We’ll just call it an exploratory sabbatical away from the stressful demands of eternity working in the same mundane professional 24/7 as Big Brother and Sister supervises your every move.

So just how bad do you want it…

To lose control. To forfeit your soul. To pawn your gold diamond- studded halo for some cash. Because your ass is worth way more than that devalued stock in your portfolio of bad choices.

So you must decide. How hard do you want to be fucked. And how deep is your love?”

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