Globally Positioned Success (GPS) – Drive Harder or Stay Off The Road

You can still move mountains, you just have to get behind the wheel and do it yourself…with a little help from your destiny team.

Are you where you want to be? Did you plan the life you have now or have you just drifted there. Did you buy that ticket to a cruise ship to relax or have you mistaken missed opportunities as much as that speedboat, thinking if I just get there things will change.

You can make that change now. You just have to try something new, different and maybe a bit crazy in the eyes of your friends, co-workers, employers, and those you love. Put together your own dream team and strategize on where you see the future and you see yourself and others in the process.

Focus more on the ‘What I haves’ and not so much on the ‘What I have nots.’

First of all, where is it that you are going? Remember that commercial. Can you hear me now? We tend to change it to can you do it for me right now, right this second. Can you get me that, this, and the other thing…my perfect partner, spouse, lover, family, children, house, sports car, location, and career.

I want it all and I need it now. Not tomorrow, not in the future, not when I get this thing all right, and Kayne West is President in 2024. Because I want to be richer than my neighbor, my boss, my friends, my enemies, my other family members, etc.

I desire to be like Trump. Ok don’t go and hate me for saying that. Some of you want to be like Obama or Hillary or whoever is on your list of political, American, or other leadership idols.

Inspire by change within, not the hate you see spitting in your face.

I get it. We all aspire to be inspired by those who closest resembles and relates to our personal worldview, social issues, and beliefs. We always tend to follow those closest to our hearts and then try to emulate their vision for our own life.

So you feel you missed that cruise ship your other high school, college, or ex-lovers got onboard while you were still trying to figure it all out and get your money and other crap together.

You may not have planned this out but it is never too late to pursue what it is you know and desire to become.

Why don’t you join me on a new series on the Passionate Purpose the Universe has for us in re-calibrating our focus and discovering that youthful faith again to just let the past go for good and to be that person you were always dreaming to become.

To many times we can lose our focus on the exploits of others; pursuing the dreams and desires our parents, family, friends, even partner laid out for us. It’s not called ‘exploitation’ for nothing but isn’t that how most of our pseudo psychotic relationships with others tend to be. It’s like if you don’t go this for me or you don’t make this happen then I will ‘get you back for that one way or another.’ Shouldn’t we have their back support and not be concerned with bracing each other for a fall?

We end up missing that on ramp and exit to that destination which was calibrated for us all along. Instead getting distracted by a random text, social media post, or friend (or not) request…all the while not seeing that car right in front of us stopped in the middle of the highway. We get slammed by life’s minor league games but miss out on the World Series God and the Universe had planned all along for our active participation. But it’s always safer to sit this one or other out on the bench and get into our comfort food zone with a Dodger Dog and a beer. There is so much more than temporary satisfaction and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge in these simple pleasures. You just need to get more involved and realize there is more at stake and more that you can achieve if you just prepare yourself.

You can indeed have it all. You can indeed start your life over again.

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