Just Let Your Bad-Ass Go Wild – Change your Clothes then Change your Day


You’ve heard that phrase countless times I’m sure. Maybe you sang along with Lady Gaga when she inspired you to Change your Life and be proud of who you were born as or to become. Just apply some makeup to that poker face and get your naked beautiful ass out of bed. Life only begins to happen when you place both feet on the ground.

By the way A Star is Born is on my list of movies to see this week. You may not have a golden star on the Hollywood Walk of Shame for people to piss on or worship upon, but you are the star in someone’s life. Just be patient for that’s what love is and be true to your bad-ass inner goddess.

Just remember change will only happen if you get pissed off enough at yourself for doing the same fucking thing over and over again without seeing different results. That’s called practical complacency as I believe Jim Carrey alluded to in his commencement speech at the Maharishi University of Management.

There are more examples of creative inspiring activist leadership in the world around us. You are looking into the mirror at one right now. All you must do is find that inner gift which the Universe planted in you since birth; that god seed if you will and take action.

Even if it means appearing foolish in the pretentious and judgmental eyes of your peers, family, or your love.

You alone hold the key to your own happiness along this yellow brick road in search of your destined Land of Oz (or Ozzy) if you’re a metal headbanger like me.

By the way his No More Tours is going on now.

Love you all and please feel free to comment or share your thoughts, pics, or your random rants. No matter what you’ve got on your mind just say it because if you don’t…

Well it’ll just fuck you up inside and not in a pleasurable way (like that itch you cannot scratch or that boner you get in physics class) unless you release your true decadent desires or ask that someone to the dance.

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