California Passion – Barefoot Bounce

The Summer of Love may have ended but it don’t mean you got to Fall on your ass.

So your day may not have gone as well as you wished. Someone had a glorious climax while you got fucked, but not in the romantic way of those cheesy movies. You may have been forsaken at the cross; down on your knees asking for forgiveness or an answer to your prayers; sweating with such intense passion you almost feel guilty of mortal sin.

It’s a choice to be joyful through life’s little challenges so you may embrace the greater unexpected blessings to come.

Your body and mind belongs to you. So you choose who to share your most intimate moments with and savor in the culinary passions of your decadent desires.

Life is short but you can make it last longer and harder if you love every second as it comes again and again.


©2018 Madam. All Rights Reserved.

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