Spellbound at the Cross Road to Decadent Desire (Transforming Water into Wine)

Decadent Desire

Sometimes an angel entertains us along our life’s journey. They may cross our path, casting a spell which lingers with that sweet serenity which comes inside us…into our very core. Sharing a glass of water turned into wine or forbidden fruit turned into a transformational awakening.

That scent which awakens you in the middle of the night, from a dream. Reminders of love lost and conquered; lust fulfilled and faded away like an old pair of jeans. Wearing that intoxicating expensive perfume you buy along with that dress which you’ll strip off to please your wet inner goddess. Finding any excuse to get out of and into that warm soothing bath…pulsating to the rhythm of the night, surrendering to your untamed sensuous essence.

You may see angelic eyes piercing your soul. Your hands and feet bound to a cross of your own forsaken choices, not realizing that you have the opportunity and power within you to set your body free…to change your mind and rekindle that passion fire burning like an eternal flame deep within you.

In fact you may wish you could just be overtaken in a transcendental lightness of being. Put under hypnosis as your mind escapes this chaotic world and your body is caressed by the hands of goddesses.

You can say the best way to be connected to someone else is the convergence of our body to another kindred soul. Finding a release from our own worldly pain through the shared pleasure of each other. That intimate and private act of feeling vulnerable as we expose our most secret and sacred place and allow that One to embrace us and to come deeply inside.

Every breath is a gift.” Sasha Grey, The Janus Chamber (2016).

But what you do with it (every breath you exhale and inhale) and who you exchange it with is as intimate as the Art of Sex. You act upon the script created for you and that destiny between your freshly laundered linen sheets. You decide how to honor and worship your god or goddess. You decide the best way to fully appraise your masterpiece.

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