California Passion – Kick Destiny in the Ass

Exhausted Past the Point Of Climax…

I have some advice for you. Turn off that TV screen, shut off your device, and just close your eyes.

You can only change what you are able to at the moment. Some things are out of our direct control (at least for now).

So draw yourself a nice warm sudsy bath or jump in the jacuzzi. Your body needs a break even if your mind is racing full speed ahead down that cyber highway.

We all know those people who talk a good game but can’t keep their pants on in the field. They are indiscriminate about fucking someone else’s broken dream. Because they got too impatient with the struggle in perfecting their shit, surrendering instead to Practical Half-Ass Complacency.

That’s like stopping midway during the best sex ever and deciding to watch Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 while causing yourself to implode with fingers of a pianist. Perhaps politics gets you off and you just gotta have your CNN porn and Make America’s Inner Goddess Come Again and Again. Needing your own skyscraper to come crashing down as you detonate your body to mind-altering oblivion. Just thank god for the bomb ass night I got a chance to spend in a free country.

Ok so I’ve had sex while watching the State of the Union speech. Maybe it was just all that pent up rage or collective anxiety or Ivanka causing us both to lose control or feel the need to cast our own vote for internal change. At least we’ve got a green neon cross now to bow down and worship our naked bodies to.

Where were we? Oh yea, excuse me while I clean up all this…Need we even fucking go there. Like get your head out from between those thighs you’re using as a pillow.

That goddess you’ve got snuggled up to you like that giant bear you won at the State Fair may leave your cotton candy ass in the morning. But if you stay true to your desires destiny will never leave you alone.

Just don’t forget to kiss it goodnight on the lips before bedtime and make her wet with your shared desire.



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