California Desire – A Thousand Selfies Can Be Worth One Good Fuck


“Every single breath you take is a gift to your inner goddess of passionate desires. Just don’t asphyxiate yourself with someone else’s fucked up exchange. Physically aroused by the scent of a rosebud spreading its petals for the adoration of a lost world in need of love and vindication.” – Mark Adam

You’ve heard it said before that who you associate with you become influenced by. The power of association then can either make you or break you. It can open up doors or slam them on your ass. You will either receive that job offer or that geek before you with a useless Liberal Arts degree will beat you to the chase.

The same can be with who you share your bed with. They can either share and embrace your passion for life or suck it right out of you like a vampire feasting off your blood.

They can be a dream warrior, helping you fight off that beast under your bed or a dream catcher when destiny throws you an unexpected pitch.

They can fuck your world down or give you the best sex of your practical complacent life. You choose if you want ‘passiongasmic ecstasy’ or a long sustaining GMO free relationship. The alternative is to surrender your body for some cheap thrills of instant short-lived gratification. You either make love complicated or not; the choice is yours to decide.

You are worth more than just someone’s useful tool or dirty little whore. Your value should not fluctuate with the stock market or your Bitcoin investment.

Remember who you are, not the submissive career whore others tell you to be…stripped down to your knees. Ignorance is bliss anyways when you’ve only got One Burning Desire on your mind.

After all, “I don’t want to taste someone else’s limitation inside my mouth, feel it dancing in my body in a dance I never wanted to move to. I need my own means of expression.”

Sasha Grey (The Janus Chamber 2016)

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

Get Wet with Decadent Desire.




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