California Joy Ride – FU2HTR (Imagine your Last Daze of Summer…)

Blue is my favorite color

Guess which finger I’m holding up in my minds eye. Like your Trump Ass wants to know as you fantasize to me until your head explodes like a mushroom cloud over the Pacific.

I’m different and unique. I’m moody as hell before my first cup of Starbucks also. Just imagine me wearing a Barista apron and nothing else as I grind your cool beans into a caffeine-oblivious trance.

Decide which highway you’re gonna straddle that fine yellow line to your chosen destiny and who you’re gonna do it with.

Your future depends a lot on which road you hitch a ride on with the one you love or maybe just the one your body wants to rock with and roll off the bed.

This is your opportunity to become your own passionate star shooting across this fucked-up world your inner goddess gets so damn wet in.

Your Summer of Change began the moment you allowed passion to rule your game. You’ve only got one kick-ass body so make a choice and pursue it till you find your perfect climax along that road less traveled.

©2018 Passion Goddess Media. All Rights Reserved.




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