Today Your Sassy Assy Angel Wants You To Know…

Failing On Your Ass, but you say ‘Damn Those Career Counselors’ and Do It Anyways…

If you haven’t failed at something you desire to achieve, you are not trying hard enough.  Walt Disney was told he had a “lack of imagination and no original ideas.  Albert Einstein was expelled from school and denied admission to the Zurich Polytechnic School.” (Ducey, 2015)  Why do you take advice from fools?  

Restraining Your Ex-Voices and Spanking Their Ass Into Submission…

We all have these lingering voices speaking words of discouragement and insult in our heads.  They could be your parents, teachers, friends, lovers, colleagues, college roommates, or our ‘cuddle buddies.’ They may be the ghosts of childhood, high school, college, or career past which haunt you even as you are challenging yourself in a new educational program, a new career path, a new relationship, a newborn child, or a new location to grow.  

Finding Your Awakening In The Fucking Pain…

Happiness is at the heart of the struggle to overcome hardship and adversity so we can persevere through that threshold of pain as we embrace the other side of victory.  “Real, serious, lifelong fulfillment and (true applicable) meaning have to be earned through the choosing and managing of our struggles.” (Manson, 2016). I know most of us, me included, fear getting sucker punched in the face.  I did once that I recall back in college and I remember this shit hurt like hell, but the lesson I received from this was…learn to defend yourself because unless you are the President you don’t have Secret Service to back you up.  You are on your own, unless you travel in a wolf pack and attend NC State.  

Silencio Selfie-Rotic…Putting On Your Best Poker Face…

So get used to the punches in life; get used to the angels pissing on your self-serving and self-righteous ‘best selfie of the day’ parade.  Tak the Cat says the same thing as he is licking the bottle of beer on my desk.  But there is a reason for every season as there is beauty in the pain of defeat; there is a greater reward in the success through the struggle.  

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