WTF Wisdom for A More Passionate Life – ‘Hollywood Outtakes’ 

The Extended Warranty on Relationships 

Some relationships are only in our life for a brief season or a prolong duration which last as long as he/she gives me what I want or else.  It’s as if we are seeking out our own soul-angel based out of a Hollywood movie.  We live vicariously either through actors we wish to emulate or couples we know whom seem to have it all together and then some. 

Selfless Selfies 

Trust me, they are only showing you their best selfies and the pictures worthly of gold frame status.  Not the behind the scenes outtakes or the cutting room floor.  Those awkward moments when you’ve got only yourselves to blame and to forgive and so many F-bombs the bedroom transforms into an all out sex war.  

Whatever it takes to win that perfect guy, girl, and life partner will take more than one night to remember and more than just a shooting star to wish upon. 

A genuine relationship will outlast any statute of limitations or warranty, but only by due diligence in caring sincerely for that other person.  

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