Today Your Frappy Sassy Angel Wants You To Know…

“If you want to improve (at love and life in general) be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” ~Epictetus 

It’s ok to be a Frappy Sassy Bitch with a Bad-Ass Angelic Attitude…

In modern times the same rule still applies.  True innovators and calculated risk-takers are the game-changers society tends to get jealous about.  The Mark Zuckerbergs, the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, the Steve Harveys, the Kardashians, the Obamas, the Clintons, and yes even the Trumps of the Real Estate/Business world. 

We want what they got without the sacrifice, without the hard work, and without the slanderous shit you must endure in the sewers of a hater society which seems not to give a fuck about reasoned impartial intelligence and rational debate.  

So “we are all occasionally full of shit” as Sarah Vermunt so elegantly states in her book, ‘Careergasm.’ Many of us are just as sweet and innocent looking as a caramel-covered apple with rainbow sprinkles in high heels.  Sugar coating the crap we don’t want others to see and hiding it all in a pair of skinny tight jeans. 

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