Today Your Rainbow Warrior Wants You To…Vacate The Hate And Move In Love 

Love Knows No Gender…Or Mind-Bender Reality Show of Executive Hate 

In these dangerous times of intolerance and indifference towards those around us whom choose to ‘move in’ love regardless of gender identity, ethnic boundaries, political affiliation, social dynamics, faith relations, or economic and immigration status…Hate is the most profane four letter word, both in our speech and action.  Love is to be cherished even more as a verb and held sacred to the core of all things which matter. 

Love Knows Only Love 

We cannot decide who to love and take into our heart; this is a personal choice between our Creator, the Universe, your Destiny Angel, or your Inner Soul’s Chosen Desire.  

As we make peace with our past we can embrace that diversity of the present inside our core essence, as we move in love with our future self and the one/s we are destined to embrace for all eternity; both in this life and the next. 

Crashing Down The Walls Of Hate 

Therefore let’s vacate hate and show it the door…as we ‘move in’ love and share in it even more.  

This simple shift in our global perspective and consciousness will not only realign our hearts to the center of it all.  As we pay our love forward we will create the tsunami of change within our own communities as we crash down the Walls of Hate which seek to constrain us.  For there are no boundaries to love.  

#ShareTheLove #StopTheHate #NakedRage #PassionPlanet #Flight2Love #GayMyDay#GayPlanet #GlobalRainbowCitizen

2017 DIVE Publishing, Passion Planet and Naked Rage Productions in partnership with Global Rainbow Citizen Media.  All Rights Reserved. 

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