Today Your Bad Ass Passion Angel Wants You To…

Grab a Bat 

Turn your what ifs into as ifs and your should haves into will haves.  Yesterday’s strike out could be today’s home run, but only if you step up with bat in hand and take a swing at life.  

You may miss, you may hit a slice, you may get to first or second.  But through due diligence and dedicated determination you will knock that ball out of the park.  However you will only achieve that fame from learning to deal with the shame first of failure, mistakes, or regrets.  

Learning To Work Your Curves 

Everyone has been there; name any leader or maybe even someone closer to you who has made it to their personal goal or ultimate dream.     It’s called a Learning Curve and every f*ck up can be a heads up to a fly ball opportunity. 

You can try various techniques: hypnosis, tarot, meditation, holistic/herbal therapy, essential oils, visualization, or ‘vision boarding.’ 

But if you just jump in your Prius to your fav Starbucks and procrastinate over your fav frappe while posting your ‘good feeling’ status without taking action; you are in the ‘mindfuck loop from hell (or everyday SoCal).’ 

That’ll be like driving ’round the mall looking for your perfect parking spot only to find someone else beating you to it just a minute prior.  No lucky amulet, Rosary, mini Buddha, or dashboard saint will get you any closer to closing on your win if you don’t take action on your winning as if or will have dream or vision.  

It’s like ordering a Diet Coke with your pepperoni pizza, then having a pint of Ben and Jerrys all to yourself because, lets face it, ice cream always makes you feel better (at least a close second if not first to even the best one night stand ever).  Top it all off with a six pack of San Miguel and you’ve got it made.  You will feel momentarily satisfied with this instant gratification consisting in very little effort.  

Who or What Excites Your Untamed Passions? 

Greater vision should satisfy more than just our temporal desires.  This is where the juice meets the squeeze as you visualize the most succulent sweetest fruit offered you by your dream angel as you share together in your tropical paradise.  There may be pain in the struggle, but pleasure will come in the hustle as you pursue that passion within which ignites your body on fire.  

© 2017 DIVE Publishing and Global Rainbow Citizen Media.  All Rights Reserved. 

Act on your dream as if your body was set on fire. 

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