Today Your CrossFit Goddess Wants To Jumpstart Your Heart And Soul

Don't Sweat…Life's A Zumba Dance

Don't sweat the small challenges in life. Deal with the little (petty) crap the best way you can. Then move on to the greater things which matter most. If you procrastinate waiting for that perfect opportunity to set things right; that moment will pass you by forever.

Don't Miss…Life's Unexpected Surprises

Don't miss that opportunity to forgive your past, or your past will become you. You can choose to accept 100 percent responsibility for your choices today, then begin pro-actively searching within yourself for the solutions to the challenges you are facing and/or fearing the most. By taking full responsibility for our actions or inactions in resolving any disputes or pressing concerns; we can then harness that energy to create a better life now and in the future for ourselves and our family.

Don't Take A Backseat…Life's Full Throttle

Don't snooze in the backseat. By taking control of the steering wheel in our own car, we can decide the destination we intended to travel before we got sidetracked by adverse weather conditions or an unexpected storm.

You are destined for greater than your present life, but only if you allow this journey to happen and let passion be your GPS to destiny. Live with a fast and furious desire driven to success.

If life is a highway…I want to drive you all night long.

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Never Let Go Of That Invisible Thread Of Hope Within Your Search For Love.

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