Today Your Reflection In The Mirror Says…

Stay The Course

What you fear can only make you stronger, once you take control of your reflection in the mirror. So look for the very best in your day…especially those bad hair days, one night head stands, or one hit WTF wonders. As you wake up at sunrise (or before), you are just as strong as that cup of Starbucks; defiant-fierce and ready to Roar.

Running Through The Downpour

Many days will be sunny and bright, but some days will be stormy…blowing your ass off course as you facepalm and curse the sky. Always remember to thy own self be true…with every dark cloud there is a silver lining.

You just have to look deeper and pray harder on days like this to see the light shining down on those hidden opportunities and that 'one desire' ready to ignite your soul on fire.

Running Barefoot And Carefree

You will just have to take action when the moment crosses your path without looking back at that tornado coming your way. You are the storm and this is your one chance of many to shine. So take a deep breath, ditch the umbrella, and your soaking wet dress as you allow that untamed kitty to roar like the lion you are. So get naked…barefoot and carefree. You are not ashamed because you are the most fearless, beautiful 'Chosen One.'

© 2017 DIVE Publishing

That person in the mirror is stronger than you think.

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