Today Your Smarty-Pantie Angel On The Shelf Wants You To…

Honor Your Vowels And Practice Monogamous Consonants 

One word can change your life, your paradigm, your perspective, and your attitude.  Words can be life-affirming and transforming.  Words can also be destructive; causing us to self-doubt our dreams and discredit our own purpose-driven destiny. 

If we just view words as nothing more than a series of random letters; both organized or scrambled, we can then arrange them to our liking.  By not allowing the negative words of others to dictate our direction in life, we can change the order of the letters.  We can create new words by a simple rearrangement of the letters to best reflect our desires and dreams; not the disappointment and disillusionment of others. 

The Naked Word 

By reading with our own set of eyes and prescription lenses we can view ourselves in a whole new paradigm.  We can define our life choices using only the words that add valuable content and meaning as we construct the sentences in our success journey.  By writing our own story, based upon our experience, and our vision; we take responsibility for the words we choose to influence our passion to success.  

Our past is filled with subconscious voices which shout us down in our present conscious thoughts and actions; especially when we start to embrace new challenges as we initiate inner change.  We must disarm the power of negativity by forgiving our past and taking responsibility and full rightful ownership of our present thoughts and actions. 

We can then share our own Red Letters of Change in helping others write a new chapter in their own success story. 

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