Today Your Angel With A Broken Wing Wants You To Learn To Be…

Uncomfortably Fucking Numb 

Love stinks!  Or so that’s what the J. Geils Band sang back in 1980 and Linkin Park’s Numb of “being what you (expect) me to be…(while) walking in your (high heel) shoes.”  It’s far more fun to have loved, than never to have lust in love.  Even in the embrace of an angel with a halo of thorns and a broken wing.  This beautifully obscene type of longing between passion and pain; the sacred and the profane is what keeps me searching for that imperfect fuck.  

My one desire as my soul is consumed by your fire; that passionate pursuit of life, liberty, and the freedom to love…or at least to fuck until I’m comfortably numb “holding too tightly, (but) afraid to lose control…caught in (your) undertow.” 

If you ask me I’d rather drown while wrapped around you than lost (on my own) under the surface, not feeling you there.

Call me a hopeless optimistic romantic (if there is such a damn thing), but I’d rather be unlucky at loving you and going under in the cold water of paradise than to die alone in my own private hell.  

So love does indeed stink, but so does drowning without the one you were destined to fucking love.  I’m forever grateful and numb for becoming more like you and less like me.  I wouldn’t want it any other way; than to be fucked by you, on top of you, under you, and over by you.  It’s been one hell of a ride zip lining through this fleeting moment of paradise.  I’ll forever be comfortably numb and forever be fallen in love with an angel and her halo of horns.  

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved.  

Be passionately inspired…even while “comfortably numb.” 

Lyric credits: J. Geils Band, Linkin Park, Major Lazer, Pink Floyd 

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