The Search for Meaning in the Journey Between the Sacred and the Profane – Finding Your Purpose Between the F*ck Haves and the F*ck Nots

Embrace your Fuck on that Road Less Traveled

What is the purpose to your life?  Somewhere along your path least traveled; the dry arid desert and your tropical paradise lies your meaning to a more passionate life.  Between the fuck nays and the fuck yays.  The perfect fuck and the imperfect awkward fuck.  Even if you have no one around you, lost all your friends, or are lost at sea; you still must give a fuck about yourself.  Especially when no one else is around to give you a fuck.  

You may say, well I really don’t give a fuck.  You still gave a fuck to yourself about not even giving a fuck.  You thought about not giving a fuck, so you manifested that fuck into your present life…maybe conjured up from your past (expletives) but still you gave a fuck to your thoughts.  I shall paraphrase from my youth…A Penny for your Fucks. 

Some Random Fucks on that Road Less Traveled 

I had some stranger the other day pass me up and as he did his passenger yelled out to me, “Learn to fucking drive.”  I was thinking, now here is someone who genuinely gave a rather random fuck about my driving…displaced as it may have been in this ‘random act of verbal obscenity.’  

Gelato – Now Thats Something To Share With The One You (Give A) Fuck 

Now you don’t want to just carelessly not give a fuck to freely tossing your fucks into the wind, or as you would that penny, nickel, dime, or quarter into that Fountain of Love.  I remember still quite fondly the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.  I actually believed in luck at the time and tossed some coins into the magically enchanted waters with Elena I believe.  All i know she was pure Italia inside and out, loved Garlic and Gelato.  I did give a fuck about that something called crazy beautiful love.  A bedroom overlooking some ancient Roman ruins and a stone throw away from St. Peter’s Square.  Now that’s close to a perfect fuck shared and worth its weight in Vatican Gold.  

Maybe not every fuck is to be treasured, however we don’t want to just waste our fucks away or throw them randomly out to be trampled upon by swine.  At the very least recycle or donate your random unwanted or slightly used fucks to charity.  That way you can give the opportunity for someone truly in need of wanting to give a fuck…or someone desiring to pay it forward by giving life their best fuck yet.  

More to come later…if anyone fucking gives a fuck. 

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Be Inspired 2 FuckOutLoud. TM 

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