Today Your Sassy Ass Inner Goddess Wants You To Know 

Finding Meaning To Your Bad-Ass Life Between the WTFs 

Giving a fuck about not giving a fuck.  Isn’t this what our work and personal life and/or relationships are all about?  Caring more about what others think or say about us; either in front of our ass or while kissing it, when we should invest more of our sacred time and energy into that man or woman in the mirror.  No matter how jaded or jacked up our ‘fucumstances‘ seem to be.  

How much time do you say on average that you waste giving overspent credit (basically pimping your sassy sexy body to the brink of asphyxiation) to those whom have deemed themselves worthy of being the “thought or morally self-righteous police” in your life.  As if you are being interrogated on ‘The View’ by a flippant Joy Behar or Whoopi Goldberg who slams you for supporting POTUS Donald Trump.  

Giving the Middle Finger to Your Past 

If we gave more flying fucks to those voices in our head, ruling with our hearts, than with the wavering opinions of self-proclaimed Kings and Queens…we won’t be the subjects of chaotic self-imploding circumstances or base our decisions on the wisdom of fools.  If you are sleeping in the same bed as one, be diplomatic about it and don’t start blaming the Russians for shapeshifting your lover into some sex fiend bitch or draw a line of demarcation across the center of your love shack. 

The Perfect Fuck 

Each fuck we freely give away to these naysayers is one less fuck we keep for ourselves in our own reservoir of fucks in case of drought.  Now thats one hell alot of fucking fucks to keep the fuck track of.  But if you’re like me and most people we tend to second guess our choice of fucks; even now when I revise this, I ask myself…Why do I give so much credence to the people (maybe even closest to you) who don’t own your fucks but you still care a whole fucking lot to what they may say when they read this.  But lets all chant this mantra together as we embrace each other in a yoga circle of ‘plastic love and oblivious bliss’ as if everything we see smells of roses and lavender or all we taste is sweet and divinely succulent.  Face it; sometimes it smells and taste like shit, but move on and this toilet talk, which prevents you from true heart honesty inspiration, shall not stink up the rest of your dreamy creamy climatical and mind/body blown passionate life.

If you’re like me a fuck a day can keep your partner to stay.  Imagine romance as that apple or mango which Eve shares with you to take a bite and your eyes are wide open to an even larger cannabis-induced Sexxx Dream than Lady Gaga was singing about last night.  

Kissing a Fool and Blowing a Frog 

If we had listened to the advice from fools, then maybe we wouldn’t follow our heart and find our soul angel.  The reason giving ourselves the opportunity to love is so critical since without this intense Universal passion, we most likely would take life as a game of chance or uncontrollable fate and not by choice or beautiful wanderlust destiny within our immediate control.   

This can only be possible because we gave a defining fuck about our future self, forgiving the shadows of our past, and allowing the voice of our dream angel to guide us to a new beginning on the other side of our own private paradise.  

No Matter your past lives and status; Facebook or otherwise, you can still change your life and redirect your precious energy towards a divine vision where you own your dreams, along with that lascivious angel right next to you. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017  

“Live Life As If You Don’t Give A Fuck.” TM 

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