Today Your Dream Goddess Wants You To Know 

Photo Source: Getty Images 

Are you listening to your own voice or the noise of confusion

Those voices inside your mind, heart, and soul may just be speaking words of truth to you.  Even that person you are conversing to in your dream may be guiding you to that paradise within.  

Clarity of Purpose and Poise 

Your purpose is not always one of audible clarity and is not always perfectly clear.  But if you choose to ignore that ‘outside noise and mass chaos’ of this new world order…You can begin to see your own self-worth as a catalyst for change. 

Your Fearless Inner Child 

Children know this Secret and you see that fearlessness and determination in their eyes.  Because to them nothing is impossible except the limitations imposed by self-doubt and the Dream Slayers.  It’s time to be that Dream Sayer once again.  Don’t be distracted by the voice of confusion in this ‘culture of illusion.’

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