Today Your Bad-Ass Goddess Revelation Is 

Are You Faking It?

Stop today living by someone else’s dream or vision for your life.  You were not created in this Universe to merely exist or wait for Heaven to come down and save you from whatever challenge may come your way.  

Making Love To Your Dream 

If you try but fail…get your ass up and try again until you succeed.  The greatest fear is that of failure; whether it is that hot girl or guy you want to ask out, that class you think is too damn hard, that career you think you are not prepared for, that relocation to your dream paradise, or that family you want to create with your soul angel.  

Disrobing Your Dreams 

We may fear the opinions of others or our own doubts, however no one knows us better than ourselves, not even our lover.  

So disrobe your body, mind, and soul, exposing yourself to new opportunities…penetrating your deepest, most decadent desires with a greater thrust for excitement towards the futuregasm which beckons you into her warm embrace. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Be Happy With Your Naked Self  In This Masquerade Of Life” 


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