Eating Out Your Dream at Chotchkie’s – But Without All The Flair 

Paradise By The Monitor Light

We all dream about something.  The bigger question is: Do we remember our dream and the message from the Universal force behind it? 

To dream deeper and greater than the four walls which surround us at night means to think outside that cubicle, office, or other complacent work space we place ourselves in during the day.  We must be willing to strip off our work attire and get naked with the truth about our postponed mission in life and expose our body, mind, and soul to the cold brisk forces of nature between our present and future self…on this journey we trek between the sacred and the profane. 

Paradise In Our Eco-Friendly Cup

If you are comfortable; going to work with your usual Starbucks Venti to go in your eco-friendly, save our freakin rainforest, and all our honeybees plastic tumbler, then sit down in your ergonomic executive leather chair in front of a computer monitor with a tropical beach wallpaper and the sound of ocean waves crashing all around from the Bose speakers on your desk.  All while having an office with a view of the concrete jungle paradise we call home away from home then, just maybe, you are in need of an epiphany on the grand scale as Peter in the 1999 movie Office Space.  When he finally got it, like that red neon light flashing over your head…a sign from God telling you to wake the f*ck up and have quadruple espresso shots in that upside down Caramel Macchiato of yours. 

Paradise In the Library (Doing it Undergrad Style) 

Kinda like when my college professor at CSU, Chico whom I took for the Intro to the CIA class and he told some of us (maybe the slackers with pillows) to ‘stick our finger in a light socket’ as if we were all f*cking comatose zombies after a night of hazing. 

Ok maybe not that drastic, however we can take incremental steps to change our life and to embrace our unfulfilled dreams.  All we must do is take that next step and believe it to happen, as long as we own up to those talents God and the Universe trusted us to use.  

If not nowwhen? If not youwho

All Rights Reserved.  M J Adam Publishing 2017

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