Delayed Destiny-Dare 2 Dream Series (Ch. 1) 

Running Through Red Lights 

How often have we become frustrated and angered at some type of delay in our personal or professional lives? 

Maybe it was a flight which departed late due to unforeseen circumstances or inclement weather.  Maybe it was a position you knew you were highly qualified for but passed over, setting your career aspirations on hold.  You were scheduled for a client appointment that never showed, therefore not meeting your sales quota for the week.  

Running Through Fire and Ice 

Maybe it was a personal relationship that you felt deep down in your heart and soul, this is the One-my Universal soulmate.  Only to find out he/she was just seeking an immediate want or desire to be fulfilled…a release of self-serving energy while you felt as if you were the Eight Wonder of the World but all he/she wanted was a sexual high.  

Relationships can be like Six Flags where emotional bliss and physical euphoria is like a Mind Bender roller coaster experience.  

Running Naked Through The Pain In Order To Gain 

In the end we learn how to endure the type of pleasure and pain which comes in between the sacred and the profane moments on our journey to love again. 

There is no perfect thrill ride, hence our continual desire for more intense and passionate highs which never complete us from the inside out.  

Running With The End In Mind 

Only when we truly seek with our whole heart for the divine nature within us will we experience the change we need and didn’t even know we truly desired.  

That delayed satisfaction which only comes with delayed gratification in all things worth searching for. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

Finding meaning in between the Sacred and the Profane. 

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