Dream Savior – Fortune Cookie Diaries 

Dream Tsunami 

They say you can’t save yourself from the storms of life or the storms between heaven and hell.  You can say Purgatory is the eye of the hurricane as we embrace for impact against the raging sea.  

No one ever reached their destination in paradise without being buffeted by the forces of nature; both outside our bodies and inside our mind.  The Tsunami of Voices enticing us to face our fears in the furiousity of the unseen forces pressing against our flesh. 

Dream Deep 

No one ever gained strength or the tenacity to not just survive but to strive by sailing in calm waters.  Rather the depths of our dreams determines the distance of our most decadent desires and destination with destiny.  

Therefore today’s Word of the Universe is: 

The Altitude of your dreams will determine the Attitude of your desires to achieve your flight to destiny. 

© M J Adam Publishing 2017 

“Dream Deeper than Your Most Decadent Desires”

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