Elevate Love – Deflate Hate 

A Lingering Love 

Search for that rainbow 🌈 of everlasting Universal love and you will never be thirsty again as the rains of heaven quench your soul. 

Just Be Still and Know You Are Loved; no matter your status, circumstances, or faith.  You were created for more than complacency or second chances.  You are destined for success in everything you do; simple or challenging, the small pebbles as well as the large boulders, and singleness or partnership.  

A Listening Love 

No relationship will be easy, however as you listen with others-centered understanding; you will see love as a gift more valuable than the ring on your finger or the heart-shaped necklace across your chest. 

You therefore embrace her/him with open arms and never ever let them go.  Because if you hesitate or doubt, a divine love like this may forever pass you by.  

© M J Adam Publishing 2017 

Embrace the simple beauty, never letting it go. 

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