Culturally-centered Community Change 

The World Comes To (You) Are A Catalytic Change Warrior 

OPS Drill #4

To fully understand a culture, you must listen with a sense of urgency; responding with an intent to effect On-Purpose Success (OPS) in those we meet. 

You don’t have to travel the world to impact a culture in order to make a difference.  You can plant a seed of tolerance, love, and compassion right where you stand.  

You can be the Universal catalyst for change.  You can bring God to that one person or many and be the world to them.  

The Power of Oneness 

It’s ultimately up to you in making a change where you are.  You may get to relocate through education, career, faith organization, or personal initiative…however it all starts with the Power of One (You) and your family in empowering the culture within and around your sphere of influence. 

© M J Adam Publishing 2017

“Catalyst for Change Within” 

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