Life Is Like A Box of Melted Chocolates Sometimes – So Get Your Frappe On At Starbucks 

Make it happen, then get your own damn box of chocolates 

If life deals you a FedEx box of melted chocolates, make some chocolate covered cake then indulge in the sweet misery.  Then move on. 

In other words; just because you ain’t got all your shit together don’t  mean you should hold off on pursuing your dream.  Most great leaders (the beautiful perfect infallible prophets of our modern society) have fallen in the cesspools of life on their journey to the golden throne.  The main thing they did was “they took a crap but got off the pot.” They didn’t linger in the stink but got refreshed and dressed (mentally and physically) for long-term success.  

Say F*ck You to P C and those mega-million dollar haters 

People, even those closest to you may tell you what you should do out of (Practical Complacency) TM rather than heart-led desire or unbridled passion-led vision.  Their underlying motives might be sincere to them however let’s keep it real and say it as it is.  

Just maybe they are coming at it from the viewpoint of their own doubts, failures, or mistakes from their past and never forgave themselves for their own Sacred and Profane TM misgivings.  

Wrestling with the Wind 

In reality true leaders may measure the cost, take the calculated risk, and shout out to the Universe “F*ck It, I’ll do it anyways and if it doesn’t work out as planned, I’ll try it from a different approach and figure out a new angle. 

They figured out the Secret early on.  Don’t ignore your OCD to success and don’t silence that inner crazy person within you…screaming to be set free.  

Mocha dreaming 

As Jon Bon Jovi would sing 🎶 Its My Life…I just want to live while I’m alive…My heart is like an open highway…

(My paraphrase) 

I hitched it my own way.  In search for meaning at a Starbucks along Interstate 40.  Sweet Carolina, that barista, where I found common grounds on my journey to paradise between the sheets of mocha-covered love. 

I’m just gonna do what I believe.  So I’m gonna shout it out louder than the other voices inside my head and from the outside looking in.  I’m doing it on my own with the soul girl of my dreams by my side.  

© M J Adam Publishing 2017 

Live while you’re still alive but kick ass louder than the other voices inside your head. 

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