The Secret Garden in Your Island Paradise

The Law of Divine Love 

How do we attract the good things into our life and not the bad junk which mentally, physically, and spiritually set us back.  

You can’t.  That’s just one of the unforeseen challenges we must navigate through on our road to prosperity.  

Wrestling with God

You may have found yourself on many nights like I have looking up at the vast expanse of space and howling at the moon.  

You may wonder if the Universe is going to blast a meteor your way or at least cause a wish upon a shooting star.  

No Matter your current circumstances, they will soon be past stances which were really life preservers to keep you from drowning in the chaotic sea of complacency.  

You are meant for higher ground

You are not average; and you are definitely not an underachiever.  I was not the best student in high school.  However in college I found my niche, meaning and intellectual desire to learn what this whole so-called life is all about.  

I achieved Honors, was on the Dean’s List, several committees; including the National Political Science Honorary and we, as a team worked together to highlight the role diversity played in college life and our university’s motto of Carpe Diem.  

That was the past, along with my short spell writing a weekly column and co-editing along with John McCoy on his Chico Alternative newspaper.  He was a political visionary along with the late Nathan Arrowsmith whom I helped on his State Senate campaign in 1994.  He rallied around the North State’s water crisis at the time (way before our foreseen drought in SoCal). 

What you visualize, You can achieve.

You can choose to believe in the greater opportunities ahead of your fractured past actions; or complain about your current situation, body aches, family tree, job, love life, marriage, singleness, financial net worth, etc. etc.  See the list is so long it will probably deplete the rest of our remaining rainforests if we were to print it all out.  

What’s Your QR Code for successful application? 

The point is and the biggest Secret QR Code at our smartphone fingertips is our innate ability to adapt and embrace change in our immediate lives.  Whether it is technological, physical, spiritual, or socio-economical.  We can (both conscious but mostly unconsciously) change your paradigm or way of being.  

The reason we tend to vote on a candidate from an inward subconscious feelings-oriented approach, gotta have the latest apps and iPhone Infinity Version 777 as if we are dependent on it for our very survival, or can seemingly connect with a ‘soulmate’ on a whole other level that it seems we almost dreamed their existence into our sphere or we were destined since a past life.  

In conclusion, the Universe expects action, God created you to thrive and not just survive on Jamba Juice or Starbucks for your soul’s energy boost; your energy source created the whole massive climatic mindgasm Universe.  So how much more is needed for you to achieve success at the most optimized level possible.  The best known alternative organic and eco-friendly energy source is ready for us to plug in.  You only have to GOYA and make it happen by taking action.  

But first let’s get it on Frappe style and then get this party started. 

© M J Adam Publishing 2017

“Ignite your Passion Within” 

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