Forty (plus) Shades of Development – Building Towers Within (If You Dream It…Will Come Into Reality Series) 

Dream Development 

If you can think it, you can visualize your dream idea, vision, project, house, car, or life in general into reality.  The only thing required of you is to take action and move forward in that direction.  Wishful thinking and positive affirmations or all your social postings to FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat may elevate your sphere of influence but not your inner net worth…unless you are willing to GOYA into action. 

Career Development 

This might entail educational opportunity, career enrichment, faith expansion, physical relocation, technical learning, real-world application, and even life coach sessions.  Apply your personal action initiatives daily as you do your diet, exercise, love, or work life. 

Inner Development = Global Transformational Change (The GTC – Action Initiative) 

The path to prosperity starts within; then as we transform our mindset through global awareness and continual educational development…we can choose how to redirect our thoughts, purpose, and energy towards those actions which propels us closer to our revised mission statement and blueprint for our new life path.  

Faith Development…Without Love is Lost at Sea 

You can either choose to have faith and walk or run across the raging sea to your Universal inner core of pure light energy or creator God who provides enlightenment to those whom seek out His/Her wisdom and truth through tolerance and love for our fellow global citizens.  

Shared (God-centered) Development 

The talents and gifts we have within must either be shared and used for the common good or we risk losing ourselves in the process of ‘practical complacency (PC) and wasted time-opportunity (WTO).’ 

To be the change you cannot afford to squander the gold already waiting to be mined from inside your rich treasure chest of a globally-focused change life.  

The time is now to step out of the shadows and into the light. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“The Truth Will Set You Free from Practical Complacency Within. All You Must Do Is Believe in Me.”

-paraphrased from the Divine Word of God 

Step off that Shore and Worship Your Sea of Dreams. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017 

2 thoughts on “Forty (plus) Shades of Development – Building Towers Within (If You Dream It…Will Come Into Reality Series) 

  1. O my gosh Mark, this is certainly delightful reading. I really enjoyed it!! All of it is all true… so when does your ‘complete’ book come out? Or has it already? I would love to read it!


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