Love Will Win Even In The Face of Tragedy 

The Enemy Will Not Prevail

In times of uncertainty and unrest it will be hard to find the motivation to move forward with a certainty of purpose.  We witness so much hate and intolerance against the innocence (our youth, our children).   When the enemies of love and the adversaries of darkness target our new generation it can seem there is no reason to believe in hope.  In the face of fear we stand stronger together as one body, heart, and mind through the divine power of music to provide us hope and strength in even our most challenging seasons and combative storms. 

We Stand Stronger Together As One

We are thankful Ariana Grande is ok but extremely saddened by the senseless murder of innocent people who should feel and be safe in a public venue.  The terrorists are trying to cause mass global chaos and instill fear by striking at the core of global unity; our shared community of music and the creative and free expression of the arts. 

Elevate Love 

Our prayers and condolences go out to all families affected by this tragedy and to Ariana whom we know will continue to be used by God to fight hate and intolerance with love and compassion through her musical talents and ability to lead our young generation into a new season of global unity even in the midst of this unpredictable society we all share love in.

May God Save Us All From Evil. 

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