Global Clarion Call 

Global Cry For Help 

Depression can affect anyone; regardless of gender, nationality, economics, faith, or a myriad of other factors.  

My Personal Battle 

Personally I have been affected by severe bouts of depression and have ridden that roller coaster many times since the passing of our parents.  

I have chosen, in the past, to escape this beautiful type of pain by any means necessary or to hide behind one of many masks 🎭 in order to conceal the inner drama I was fighting.  

My Personal and Public Mission 

I have chosen to commit to writing every single day as a tribute to the legacy our mother and father left with us-in our hearts. 

Our father was a Korean War Veteran and Peace Officer and our mother was a teacher and housewife whom first began her career in Chicago then in Venice, California. 

She loved to write (a different genre), mostly on her personal faith with God and Jesus Christ. 

May We have Eyes to See

May our eyes be wide open to the inner conflicts of those around us as we share in love and compassion…even when it’s not the most convenient or popular.  Our society is at a crossroads and this epidemic of depression is not just for those without, but for those who have it all.  

Let us be the listening ears, embrace of love, and eyes to empathize with those around us.  I saved a friend from taking her own life at one time, rather accidentally but with what was an opportunity to just reach out and be that hope so desperately needed. 

Here is the National Suicide Prevention number:                    


 It’s perfectly ok, not to be ok.  Be that beautiful rainbow of love and hope in someone’s heart today. 

I’m fine. It’s for those less fortunate.

Special thanks to Jason and the rest of my FB family for sharing the number to the hotline. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Every person has the right to be loved and cherished as the child of a living God and a Universal Created Being Chosen For Destiny Today.” 

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