Scorched Romance – Love in the Afterglow Series 

Photo credit: Odd Magazine 

Driving Out of Control 

Life will not always be perfect and in most cases consists of severe weather and driving conditions beyond our safe control.  

Faded and Jaded 

Love is much like this.  If we allow circumstances to rule our actions and/or response to climate change then we will be forever chasing our hat as it blows off in the wind.  Our relationship will suffer and become jaded; much like broken glass causing our dreams of that perfect moment to shatter.  We will not only be trying to search for all the missing pieces; large or small, but will be in danger of causing irreparable damage due to that fling or affair in the shadows of our inner turmoil.  

Loveless Desire 

The desire will only last the length of the wick until that light which was lit together in love is forever extinguished by the breath of a bad romance and distant distrust.  That passion which once consumed our naked mind, body, and soul…burned up too fast.  

Scorched Earth Romance 

The scorched earth forsaken love; what once was patient, gentle, compassionate, and kind…Destroyed in the blink of an eye by hateful spite and a kiss of death in a bed of lust and lies.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017 

“True Love Will Stand The Test of Time and Will Weather Many Seasons” 

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