The Invisible Thread of Love 

She Who Believes Will Achieve The Impossible…

If you believe in yourself, even your craziest and wildest fantasies can come true to the One who holds tightly to the invisible thread of love.  

The Only Requirement On Our Part Is To Take Action…

Though it may be longer or shorter…depending on the duration and the change which must manifest the soulmates involved, it will never tear nor sever from those chosen by the Universe to meet.  Love knows no boundaries, destiny knows no borders that separate or divide from the divine will.  

The Diverse Action-The Divine Reaction…

The unseen shall become seen and the divine shall become one with us.  The sacred heart of love will permeate every fiber of your being as you embrace the diversity within. 

The Universal touch by the Angels of the Light will save you from a life of complacent complishment into a life of passionate purpose. TM 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

Love Saves” 

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