Waiting For A Phone Call From Heaven 

Trying to Survive 

I don’t want to talk to you or speak about you if you’re not by my side or in the same room.  I want to speak to you just as you are by my side or in the same room face to face.  

Beautifully Frozen in Time 

That moment is forever frozen in time.  As we both watched ‘Touched By An Angel’ at the same time every single day.  Now you are someplace in heaven and singing with a choir of angels as you did here on earth.  

Trying to Phone Heaven 

I’ll remember you forever, I’ll love you always, I’ll never be the same without you,  I’ll be waiting patiently by the phone for you to call from heaven because I’m unable to speak directly to you as though you were in the same room.  

One Last Goodbye 

My only wish is to say I love you one more time and embrace you tightly, never letting God take you away from me.  If I could find it within me to secure a passport to heaven and a one way ticket, I would go there now and leave this lonely place forever tonight.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017

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