React 2 Love – Closer 2 The Heart Series 

React 2 Love 

It is said that for every reaction there is an action.  

Make sure your reaction to whatever the ‘haters’ throw your way to trip you up…that you take action in love knowing you own the situation, the circumstances, and the best course to get you to your destination. 

Destination Destiny 

You’ve got this and you’ve got the next opportunity to get your groove on in your own signature style.  

Just do your thang and don’t look back since you don’t ever wanna go back to where you came.  

Destination destiny with fifty shades of love on the greatest stage of your life; Crazy Beautiful You and that Soulmate of Your Wildest Dreams and Passion-fire Desires. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“If It Feels Good, Share In The Love” 

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