Universal Dream Catcher – excerpt from Flight 2 Love (Pasyon Cove Diaries) 

Hate No More 

When you put Hate out into the Universe you draw more of this negativity within your sphere of influence. 

Love Even More 

Rather when you give love away (but not for free necessarily) since some will just be jealous of your inner goodness and will just spit on the path you are leading on…

Share In The Wealth of Many 

You want to be optimistically conscious of the divine nature in all those whom you come into contact with and share in the Universal wealth of faith within.  

Embrace The Wisdom Of Your Naked Soul 

The Wisdom of your Naked Soul will show you the way to your heart’s intrinsic desires.  All you must do is embrace love in all its naked splendor and divine design.   

Embrace Your Inner Circle 

Share in the positivity of your team and those in connection with your vision and you will draw more of that prosperity downpour into your own Circle of Continual Complishment. TM

Your efforts will be contagious as those you touch become infected by the Prosperity Virus. TM 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

Be Recharged by the Universal Current of Destined Desires” 

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