Passion Purpose Living 

The Daily Coffee Grind…

Do you enjoy your profession or are you just trying to pay your past due bills and keep your car from being repossessed?  Maybe you are there, at the epitome of success and ready to DIVE off that Bohol cliff into fresh crystal-clear waters. 

The Daily Biz…

Life should be a fun-filled adventure of passion and risky business.  Not one lived in a constant state of “complacent delinquency” TM-trying to make ends meet. 

Passion in the Mix…

Steve Jobs got the Secret and so did Will Smith in the movie Hitch (2005)…Life should be lived on purpose and with shock and awe.  You must love what you do with such intensity of passion and game…you will not only do awesomely great work-you will do it for free even.  

Do You Believe in Magic…

If you have not found that magical place yet, GOYA and make a mad dash to that next chapter in your life.  But whatever you do, don’t settle and never give up the search for love in the hustle. 

Say paalam to “complacent delinquency” TM and embrace your “passion purpose” in everything you do. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Release your Broken Past to Purpose-filled Passion”


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