The Healthy Fight for Love 

Demarcation Point 

Don’t allow the haters all around you steal your enthusiasm and energy for a purpose-filled life.  

Our community, our state, our country, and us as global citizens collectively must not give up on love. 

Your Big Tent of Dreams 

Our very own uniqueness, quirkyness, silliness, imperfectness, or diverseness can make us candidates for a Jerry Springer audition or as a candidate for political office (as he himself was mayor of Cincinnati).  

We cannot let the clowns 🤡 turn our smiles upside down or take away our right to choose happy pills or Medicinal herbs.  

Your Health is in the Struggle 

The fundamental right for equitable healthcare is a struggle we all must fight tooth and nail for till every single citizen has equal access to the best plans available; regardless of income, social status, gender, or ethnicity.  We all are in this beautiful type of disharmonious symphony together. 

United States of Health 

Let’s get to work for the America we know is greater than just our self-imposed borders and exclusive boundaries. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Build Bridges of Love Across the Borders of Hate” 

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