‘Hey Ho Let’s Go’

Sometimes there are no words to express how we truly feel on the inside.  

As I contemplate my next step, next life decision; it seems like walking through the parched hot Mojave Desert under a blazing red sun some days while others a cool tropical breeze under the moonlight.  

Maybe some of you are in that same place between paradise and pain.  Between heaven and hell; in a world where choices have lead you to seek escape through various means to alleviate the turmoil within.  Maybe you just let go of it all; faith, hope, love, and a purpose-driven life. 

I’m searching for a sign-hoping for better days in the midst of the storm and a greater future with that ‘soulmate’ of my dreams to share the simple pleasures of ‘being‘ with.  

Meanwhile Ramones ‘Hey ho let’s go‘ is playing over the speakers in the eatery I’m at.  

Life is like a ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ even in the chaos of change and the tsunami of transformation within. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017 

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