Dream Garden 

What’s in your Dream Garden?  

What seeds have you planted; on solid rock, rich soil, or shifting sands.  Is your heart rooted in the sacred covenant of transcendental love and faith in your inner divine will to create greater success and prosperity for you and the one/s you love.  
The Power of Divine Passion 

You’ve heard it said the best revenge is success.  

I’d say the best revenge is proving to yourself that you can achieve that dream.  

No matter how far fetched it may seem to your family, friends, or significant other…do it anyways, one action step at a time till you see it manifest in the present.  

Cultivate Prosperity In The Mind First to Transform the Future You

Be patient and don’t be so eager to rush the process of cultivating success.  Plant that seed and watch it grow as you tend to it every day.  The beauty of the unseen is in the blossom yet to be.  

The Garden of Wisdom Within 

The tree of life as in the original garden gave wisdom to all humanity through a covenant of love.  The harvest is yet to come and when you bite into it’s sweet divine goodness your mind’s eye will be opened to endless possibilities.  The only secret is you must believe in order to achieve and then receive.  

Action Needed

But your Dream Garden will only bloom if you care for your transformational tenacity within.  

You must act upon-blind faith (as it may seem) down that path towards sublime wisdom. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017

“Experience the GOYA Effect” 

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