Dive-versify Your Life 

Learning to Give It All Away To Gain Love 

Learning to love means doing what may feel uncomfortable to some of us.  It may be taking action on that crazy thought which has been prevalent in every recurring dream.  
The Edge

Stepping to the edge of the cliff with our wings spread wide.  Ready to soar or glide down to the shoreline of our next chapter in life. 

Dive-versify Your Life

Take stock of your close associations; both professional and personal.  We all have a diverse array of ideas 💡 to bring to the table.  We can glean awareness from the simple act of pro-active listening in understanding the perspective from those around us. 

The Futuristic You

Your life may have bounced off to a later start than you have hoped. However it is never too late to achieve greater things with where you are now and with what you’ve got.  You can choose today to be the futureyou see in the mirror, that reflection of that beautiful change within. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017

“Global Awareness Starts Within” 

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