A Passionate Type of Pain 

AS #6 – Embrace the Oneness Within.  The Seed Energy of Change Planted Inside You.  Let It Grow. 

The Passionate Type of Pain

Fighting through the pain, even in the most extreme marathons of our many seasons.  

This is where your mental acuity takes over any physical constraints you may place on your own body.  

The Power of Oneness harnesses that energy within.  This is the reason we must surround ourselves with positive, forward-thinking people and gracefully add closure to any personal relations which seek to hinder our own path to success.  

This is your moment to let the past go and to embrace the future you with open arms of love. 

Time to update the new and enhanced 10.000000 version of you. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“The Power of Oneness Within”


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