The Art of GOYA – Gotta Have Buck Naked Faith 

AS #5 – Gotta Have Buck-Naked Faith.  Losing Your Religion In Order to Gain Your Own Personal Revival. 

A Passion-Driven Life 

Our clothes can be a hindrance to moving forward with ‘fluidity in motion.’ The reason when you are in an extreme workout and you strip down to your bare essentials.  

This is the secret to the new and improved you.  Time to expose your whole being.  Feeling the sand beneath your bare feet and the wind against your face as you surf the waves of your most intimate desires. 

What is Your Reason for Being?

Follow the carefree whispers of your inner bliss and find your  passion-driven purpose to a more meaningful life. 


Start with yourself.  Get real with the old you, confined to that cubicle of ‘complacent practicality.’  

Time to hit the delete key on your past and refresh your app to ‘vivacious living.’

Living with a kick-ass purpose in the now while leaving the past behind by the curbside of complacency.  

Living with Intention on the Road to Paradise.  

The Art of GOYA Living 

©DIVE Publishing 2017 

This is Living Now” 

#GOYA #BuckNakedLiving

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