Setting the Stage in Your Kick-Ass Reality Production 

AS #4 – Own the Stage, Pro-Acting with Your Own Oscar Winning Performance. 

To own the stage and communicate your hope, dream, and vision you must work well with others and engage your scene study partners.  

As long as you take the necessary action steps to make it a reality; what you write as your script or screenplay of life will come true.  Practice will not always produce the best lines at first but eventually through due diligence fiction will become your new subconscious reality programming. 

Some people want the fast-food type of manifestation; hot and ready to go, fresh and new.  However relationships (both professional and personal) will spoil if not kept at the proper temperature. 

You must follow through on your goals or else you’ll keep running on ice, slipping and sliding, as you try to keep up with the others on your team or those who share your most intimate moments or secrets. 

Who you choose to confide in will set the stage for the curtain call and an encore performance with your passionate-driven life partner. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017

“Ignite the Passion, Set Fire to the Night” TM 

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