Imperfect Perfection 

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How you see yourself in the mirror does not reflect how someone else sees you.  Don’t allow others to steal away your Oscar.  You are the best production there is and that director inside you is ready to yell ACTION.  

Your imperfection is what makes you unique and irreplaceable in the eyes of your dream mate.  

The beauty within will always sparkle like the stars and shine like the moonlight as you welcome your soulmate home each and every night.

Under the cover of darkness, dancing between the sheets, in the warmth of a lover’s embrace.  The kiss of heaven as you invite me into your secret garden and we share in the forbidden fruit of our passion play.  

Your imperfect miraculous perfection; your beautiful immaculate reflection.  That sacred higher love we are all searching for-is found deep inside waiting to crossover into the new angelic light which shines through  you. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017 

“Sublime Divinity”

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