The Moment of Letting Go

Sometimes you might have to give up (sacrifice) something or someone in your present life.  

It might be a relationship, a friendship, a material possession, emotional luggage, or a painful addiction.  The latter may involve the need to feel validated and loved through intimate encounters and extreme risk-taking. 

It might involve ‘living beyond your immediate needs,’ over extending your cash and credit lines to obtain crap which serves as fillers in your life; substitutes for that emotional void deep within.  

Starbucks, spontaneous shopping, sex-all of this can become an addiction.  That rush which gets you flying higher than a airliner to Manila but once you touchdown reality sinks in and you find yourself in a foreign place; privy to the hand of fate. 

You deserve rewarding yourself with a great latte, a new dress to impress, or a new accessory to match.  Just don’t let some random fling seduce you with some bling bling. 

This Moment of Letting Go requires you to release your past in order to embrace the present.  To see the simple beauty in the sunrise of a new dawn and the taste of new wine while walking on sunshine.  

Wherever you are in this moment, just let it be yours.  

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017

“Just let it be”

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