Complacency Be Damned 

Our only job in the Universe is to take action. The first step is always the hardest from a point of inaction or complacency.  

Especially if we get beaten or pushed down, but in this life you ultimately only have yourself.  So get back up, coach yourself to become stronger, make better choices, and exclaim in a loud sonic boom voice. 

“The past does not define me, the lies, slander, or gossip from others don’t own me, the haters who love to see me faceplant don’t control me.  I am an over-achiever not an under-defeater.  You may have seen me at my worse but now look-out.  You will hear me roar.”

Once you decide to not look back but face forward, the future will be yours for the taking.  Build that momentum and may your hustle begin with each and every single step you make.  

It’s all about how you lead through the great dance floor of this life.  The Universe will send the right partner into your life.  Our only job is to be open, ready to receive, and prepared to lead.

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017

“Just let it go then just let it be”

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