The Art of Letting Go – Living a Kick-Ass Driven Life Along The HeartLine. 

How much time do you waste each day which you will never get back.  As Cher would sing, “If I could turn back time” or Eddie Money “I wanna go back.” But we can’t so stop giving others some of your hard-earned power to control you, own you, and decide what’s best for you, as if its their fucking life and they bought you off Ebay.  You are not some cheap goods or second hand toss me down, so don’t allow these user losers access to your prime real estate (your body, mind, or physical living space).  Unless they’re paying your damn sky high rent, kick their beautiful ass to the curb.

Time to issue a notice of eviction and welcome new tenants whom will support you in every way; emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

The reason for a driven life and your personal mission may be just one heart beat away. 

Be open to the Universe and ready to receive her embrace, her delicate warm yet inviting touch, her kiss which taste sweet as honey with lips smooth as silk. 

The Art of Letting Go of the past to receive love in the present.  Feel the warmth of her divine embrace. 

-Global Rainbow Citizen Media 2017

“Just let it go” 


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