Quest for Love – Never Letting Go 

Photo credit: Gustav Klimt ‘The Kiss’ 

A man or woman who knows their own self-worth will not waste time over trivial things.  They will not concern themselves over gossip, slander, or petty quabbles. The haters will not prevail in a kingdom where love is queen and passion is king.   

That all-consuming flame of desire to strive and not just survive will burn up all that crap which has accumulated in your mind.  

The ghosts of relationships past will no longer haunt you, your flesh will no longer be consumed with wasted love, your heart will no longer bleed upon the cross of unforgiveness, and the taunting demons and dream stealers will no longer own your mind, bind your hands and feet, slash your wrists, nor suffocate your soul. 

You will draw visionaries into your inner circle of influence by focusing on what truly matters.  The Universe will light the path to the secret treasure chest deep within. 

Your partner will share the same dream and then you will know; she/he is the Chosen One

Sing a little prayer tonight.  Walk in the Light.  Bless Yourself with that special someone and kiss their heart. 

Passion rules the game. 

Sleepless in Cebu Productions 2017

“Let Love Spread Her Wings 2 Fly”

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